Here at last and available to purchase at – pellamex is the once-a-day food supplement inspired by years of dermatology expertise, research and clinical studies which showed a 40 % reduction in eczema symptoms in just one month.

Let’s hear it for skin. Two square metres of it act as a shield to protect us from the outside world. When everything’s working
smoothly, skin looks and feels wonderful. But when life throws a spanner in the works (free radicals, allergens, pollution,
hormones, stress etc…) skin takes a hit, especially if you suffer from dry, sensitive skin or eczema.

The pellamex concept is simple but ingenious. Supplied in a convenient 25ml sachet, taken daily, it works by targeting and
nourishing a key ‘shield’ protein in the outer layer of the skin and at the same time providing extra moisturisers.

“Thank goodness there is finally a natural, effective alternative for managing eczema, based on genuine clinical evidence
and sound dermatological research,” says Liz Earle, award winning beauty expert and founder of Liz Earle Wellbeing.
“Current options only really fire-fight symptoms as they happen instead of tackling the root cause of the problem,” she says.

“One of the key proteins that are critical to giving us an effective skin shield is filaggrin,” says Dr Neil Gibbs, a dermatology
expert, who researched and created the pellamex product. “People who have sensitive skin or eczema often have problems
with their filaggrin. As a consequence, they have dry, irritable skin that lacks the natural shield that protects us from the
outside world,” says Dr Gibbs.

“The main active ingredient in pellamex is a natural, essential amino acid which is critical to revitalising filaggrin”, explains
Dr Gibbs. “In the course of our research, we found that over the course of a month, this ‘feeding filaggrin’ approach
significantly decreased the severity of eczema in adults,” he says.

“Another great thing about pellamex is that it can also benefit anyone with dry or sensitive skin, as these milder conditions
typically have the same root cause as eczema,” says Liz.

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